Off to preschool!

We’re kicking off our blog on a big day: Noah’s first day of preschool!  He’s growing up fast!  We can’t believe he’s almost 2 ½ already.  He will go to preschool at a synagogue here in Alexandria, VA on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Here are a few pictures that we snapped as we were dashing out the door this morning.  How many cars can we fit in Noah’s dinosaur backpack?  A LOT!!!





We had a few opportunities this summer to get to know the other kids and parents at the preschool.  One of the parents arranged a playgroup at the preschool’s playground for all the two-year-old kids and their parents.  There are five girls and four other boys in Noah’s class.

The entire preschool (for kids ages 2 through 5) had a potluck picnic at a nearby park a few weeks ago and then had an open house a few days later so that the kids could see their classroom and meet their teachers.  Noah’s teachers are Morah Virginia and Morah Jewell.  (Morah means teacher in Hebrew.)

The classroom is very bright, colorful and FUN!  There are little tables and chairs on one side of the room and a huge blue alphabet rug on the other side for story time, music and play time.  The classroom is full of puzzles, cars, blocks and other toys.  There is even a puppet theater and a pretend kitchenette.  There are chalkboards, painting easels, and lots of arts and crafts supplies.  I’m guessing they’re going to get quite messy with all that glitter, glue and paint!

The playground is HUGE.  There’s a large jungle gym in the middle that looks like a castle.  There are swings, sandboxes and kid-sized buildings to play in.  There is also a large open social hall with trikes and Little Tikes cars for the kids to cruise around in.  Here is a picture of Noah riding in one of the cars when we went to the meet-and-greet playgroup earlier this summer.  Yes, it was hard to get him to leave!

social hall cars

If you’d like to follow our blog (so you don’t miss out on future posts!), just enter your email in the “Follow our blog” box in the upper right-hand corner of this page, and we’ll alert you to new posts.  This is a no-frills blog right now…just the nuts and bolts (and possibly some typos too).  But we hope that by the time you visit next, we’ll have spruced it up a bit with some bells and whistles.

So, to wrap up our first blog post (and keep you coming back for more!), here’s a fun picture of Noah with his first art project from preschool.  Enjoy!

noah art

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2 thoughts on “Off to preschool!

  1. Grandma and Papa Don

    Noah, Congratulations on a wonderful first day of preschool!!! Can’t wait to see more pictures!
    Love, Grandma and Papa Don.

  2. Michelle

    I saw these pictures earlier and I was shocked on how much he grew in just 1 month! He’s gotten so BIG!

    I’m so excited for Noah on his adventure into preschool! I can’t wait to see more and to hear about all of his adventures!

    Lots of Love!
    Godmother Michelle

    P.S. Happy Birthday, Heidi-bell!

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