Our South Dakota Trip: Part 1 – Uffda!

OK, so we’re not off to a great start with posting in a timely manner – so it’s time to catch up!


About a month ago, Noah and I flew to South Dakota to visit Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the family.  This was Noah’s sixth airplane trip.  He’s gotten used to the dos and don’ts and is always really good on planes (knock on wood).  He can be quite the stinker at the grocery store and Target though, so I’m definitely not implying that he’s always an angel…definitely not.  But I’m glad he chooses his battles wisely as I don’t think TSA would be as forgiving as the cashier at Target.  Ha.  We had plenty of snacks and toys on hand, so all went well as usual…until we missed our connecting flight.

For anyone who has flown solo with a two-year-old, you know that it can be quite the endeavor.  To make things easier on myself, I always try to book flights with a shorter layover…again, because he’s better on the plane than in the airport.  (Yes, Ryan gives me a lot of grief for choosing short layovers.)

Well, my strategy backfired this time, and Ryan finally got the chance to say, “I told you so.“  Our incoming flight from DC had to hover over Minneapolis for 45 minutes or so due to dense fog, and so we missed our connecting flight to Sioux Falls.  On the positive side, the Delta rep said that he’s never seen anyone scurry across the airport with a 30-pound kiddo in hand so fast.  (Yes, as luck would have it, we had to dash between the two furthest points in the airport.)  We were so close!  Our checked luggage somehow made it onto that flight though.  Such is life…

So, what did I win for my noteworthy “flight of the bumble bee” across the airport, besides the satisfaction of completing a heck of a workout?  Well, the Delta rep took pity on us (the sweat running down my face surely helped), and he hooked us up with a nice hotel room for the night since the next flight to Sioux Falls wasn’t until the following afternoon.  Delta also threw in some extra diapers and toddler food for good measure.  I had a good emergency stash of these things my backpack, but I figured it was a good time to start thinking along the lines of “better safe than sorry.”  Besides, we’ve had some bum luck with Delta before (another story for another day), and so a few free diapers can’t hurt to help mend fences, right?

It took awhile to make all the arrangements for the new flight and hotel room, and we had to wait awhile for the shuttle bus to the hotel…and so Noah was one tuckered-out little boy by the time we got to the hotel.  Yep, he was out in a flash!


So, what did we do to pass the time the next morning?  We started off by ordering room service.  The hotel had a nice restaurant, but having to wear yesterday’s then-sweaty clothes doesn’t help one feel too eager to make public appearances, and so we sucked it up and paid the hefty room service fee…money well spent.  Yep, muffins are one of Noah’s favorite foods.


And now on to the best part…  Drumroll please.  We headed to the Mall of America which was just a short shuttle ride away…conveniently located halfway between the hotel and the airport.  The cosmos clearly wanted us to go shopping.  Ha.

We only had an hour or so at the mall, but we made it count.  We went to Legoland and got some goodies (yes, Ryan was very jealous!).  Noah started playing with Lego Duplos this past summer, so we definitely hit the jackpot here.  But of course, we couldn’t get too many Legos since we had limited space in my backpack (a plus for the credit card too since those little buggers are spendy).




We also rode the Big Rigs ride in the amusement park.  That was Noah’s first big kids’ ride.  Don’t let his face in the picture fool you; he had a good time and especially loved beeping the horn.  Coming through!  He had fun watching the roller coaster and other rides as well.  It will be fun to go back someday when we can stay longer.



We made it to Sioux Falls safe and sound that afternoon.  Noah enjoyed showing his new Legos to Grandma and Grandpa.  So yeah, as far as being stranded goes, we definitely lucked out.  Being a “distressed passenger” isn’t always so bad!  Stay tuned for more on our trip…

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2 thoughts on “Our South Dakota Trip: Part 1 – Uffda!

  1. Sandy Steen

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed all of it.

  2. Missing the connecting flight doesn’t sound too shabby! I want to go to the Mall of America and Legoland… : ) I am loving the pictures

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