Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Noah the tiger!




The last few weeks have been chock full of Halloween festivities.  Check out what Noah’s been up to…

Picking pumpkins – Earlier this month, Ryan’s parents drove in from Ohio for a visit.  We went to a local pumpkin patch, and Grandma Cindy helped Noah pick out some great looking pumpkins!



Decorating pumpkins – A few weeks ago, we went to a Halloween party at our friends Dan and Lindsay’s house.  The grown-ups carved pumpkins, and the kids decorated pumpkins with stickers.  The competition was fierce, but Noah and Thane’s sticker pumpkin was the winner…at least in the cleaning up department.  Ha.



Hitting the “jack-o’-lantern pot” – Grandma Debbie sent Noah a box of Halloween candy and toys – jackpot!  Ryan and Noah have been fighting over the cool Halloween flashlight…shocker.



Dressing up – I take Noah to a weekly playgroup at a local rec center a few times a month.  The center threw a Halloween bash for all the kids yesterday.  They sang, had storytime, played and ate cupcakes – lots of fun!  Best of all, Noah’s friend Isabelle (the pumpkin) joined in the fun too.  Check out those cute costumes!





Trick-or-treating – We’re going trick-or-treating at a nearby townhouse community this evening.  We went there last year as well.  The nice thing about trick-or-treating in a townhouse community is that there are a lot of houses to visit without having to do too much walking.  Score!  Noah is hoping for goldfish, but Ryan hopes that Noah gets a bunch of Kit-Kats…you know, so he can “help.”  Many of the homeowners there really go all out with the spooky decorations too.  Noah will have a great time!

To wrap things up, here’s a flashback at Noah’s previous Halloween costumes.  He was a dragon his first year and a monkey last year.  We chose a cute animal costume this year thinking that this will be the last year that we get to pick his costume.  I’m sure by next Halloween, he’ll be requesting Spiderman, the Hulk or some other usual boy character.  You’ll have to stay tuned to find out…



Happy Halloween!  ROAR!!!

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One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Sandra Steen

    What a fun time for all of you.

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