It’s never too late to talk about Christmas, right?

OK, we’ll have to chalk this post up to “better late than never AGAIN.”  But since our tree isn’t put away yet (moved to the basement but still up), we’re obviously not in too big of a hurry to say goodbye to the holidays.  And so here we go with a recap of Christmas 2013…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we stayed in Virginia for Christmas this year.  Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Rod flew out from South Dakota though, so we were still with family.  We spent the first few days lounging and preparing for the holidays.  But since the weather was so nice when they flew in (temps in the 70s as compared to below freezing in South Dakota), we of course had to get out and play.

We took the grandparents to one of Noah’s favorite spots…the soft play gym at our local rec center.  It was nice to sit back and watch Grandma and Grandpa chase his busy butt all over that place!  I think Noah wore them out as they all snoozed on the couch later that afternoon.

20131222_125953 20131222_133327


We had lots of holiday hoopla…the good, the bad and the tacky!  We went to Christmas Eve services at our own church in Alexandria.  After church we took the grandparents to see “Holly’s Tacky Lights” (coined by Holly, not me), our favorite local National Lampoon-style light display.  This was the third time Ryan and I went to Holly’s house.  At some point, we should probably donate towards her electric bill.  Ha.  Here’s a short video in case you missed it in our previous post.

We cheated with supper that evening and ordered Chinese food.  But that allowed us to move on to bigger and better things: Noah opening his gifts.  Ryan and I bought him a train table a while ago (not so easy to hide for four months), and many of our family and friends got him trains, tracks and bridges to complete the set.  Noah loves playing with the train table at our local Barnes & Noble, so it was a great group gift.  It will probably help save money on my book addiction moving forward too, since we won’t have to go to B&N to play trains anymore.  Ha.  The big kids had as much fun as Noah!




We finished opening presents on Christmas morning.  Noah got lots of other goodies from friends and family here and back home: planes, cars and trucks (anything with wheels is a winner here), puzzles, games, books, a soccer ball, a movie, and arts and crafts supplies.  He clearly paid off the elves to put in a good word with Santa.  Ha.  Thank you all!


Our good friends Michelle and Jenyl came over for Christmas dinner.  Ryan made a honey ham with all the fixings, and Michelle and Jenyl brought wine and homemade cupcakes.  Wow, it was good!  Good thing too, since we had enough leftovers for the rest of the week.  Thanks for joining us, ladies!



We actually had a lot of good food while the grandparents were here.  Earlier that week, we made a large brisket.  And Ryan made potato pancakes for a few days while we still had leftover mashed potatoes.  To top it off, Ryan and Grandpa made homemade fudge.  Jackpot!  That’s right, a man’s place is in the kitchen making chocolate…oh, and white Russians.


As a side note, to all of you who want to give me grief about not liking to cook (I know you’re out there!), just remember that I spend much more time cleaning that kitchen than Ryan does cooking in it.  Don’t let him brainwash you against me!

Noah went to daycare for a few hours for a few of the days the grandparents were here.  One of those days we drove over to National Harbor in Maryland.  It was cooooold, but as you can see, we still had fun strolling around.  And yes, Grandpa Rod dove into the jaw of “The Awakening.”  Good thing he’s a big kid at heart, because someone will need to take Noah on the 175-foot-high National Wheel gondola that is opening at National Harbor this May.  You’re it, Grandpa!







The next day we went back to National Harbor with Noah and went to the National Children’s Museum.  Noah, Grandma and Grandpa raced cars, built with blocks, designed pictures on the white board, played in the pretend grocery store, and drove the fire truck.  The fire truck had real sirens and LED flashing lights…very cool!  Not surprising, the fire truck was Noah’s (and Ryan’s!) favorite part.  Like father, like son.







On our last evening together, we threw Grandpa Rod a little birthday party to celebrate his 60th birthday.  Noah got his grandpa a puzzle with a picture of the two of them.  Have you put it together yet, Grandpa?  Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate!  That German chocolate cake was yummy.



Here are a few more fun pics just for kicks…






Visit us again soon, Grandma and Grandpa!

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2 thoughts on “It’s never too late to talk about Christmas, right?

  1. Sandy Steen

    Thanks for all the pictures and information. It is nice your folks could come out for Christmas (and get out of the snow) for a short time.

    Meridith was home last week and it was nice to see her again. She was really lonesome since she had not been home for over a year. She spent a couple days with David, Karie and Mahree.

    She needed that bonding.

    My internet was not working for a couple days and now it is on again. It has a mind of its own. The guys have been here several times over the last year and it still doesn’t work some of the time. They are scheduled to come again Thursday. They better not tell me they aren’t coming since it is working again. They need to find out what the problem is if they want me to continue with internet.

  2. Love the pictures! Excited to hear about your holidays! Happy New Year!

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