“Uncle Chris! Uncle Chris!”

Two weekends ago, Uncle Chris flew in from Charlotte, NC to visit us for a few days.  Chris is one of Ryan’s longtime friends from home in Ohio and is Noah’s godfather.



We had a very fun and low-key weekend.  The weather was snowy and dreary, so we were stuck indoors…but we didn’t let that put a damper on our fun.





Yep, I think Chris likes to play trains just as much as Noah does!





And, yes, we got some adult time in too.  We got a babysitter Saturday night and went to Old Town to listen to the Irish singers at Murphy’s Pub, one of our favorite places in Alexandria.  “I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler, I’m a long way from home…”

On Sunday we made a HUGE brisket and watched the Olympics.  It was hard to move from the couch after all that food!  “Noah, can you bring me the remote?”


Chris flew home Monday afternoon.  We’ve heard the phrase “Uncle Chris…home…airplane” (in a sad, mopey voice!) at least 100 times since.  Yeah, Noah sure misses his best bud.  We’ll definitely have to plan a trip to North Carolina soon!


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2 thoughts on ““Uncle Chris! Uncle Chris!”

  1. Sandy Steen

    So nice you folks had a great time with Chris. I can see he made a great hit with Noah.

  2. Noah looks so grown up in these pictures! When did he become such a big boy? Gosh, they grow fast. Glad you all had a nice visit. Noah seems to loves his uncle. : )

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