An Easter Eggstravaganza!

This year’s Easter season was filled with lots of fun activities. Noah loves arts and crafts, so we made Easter decorations to send to Great Grandma Betty in South Dakota and Aunt Edna in Ohio.  We decorated flat foam eggs with paint and stickers.  Thank you Grandma Cindy for all the Easter-themed art supplies!  Check out these great looking eggs…




We also made spring flowers with magnets for the fridge.


Easter2(As a fun side note, we needed a cork to dip in paint to make the dots, so Ryan and I were forced to enjoy a bottle of wine the night before…you know, anything for the cause!)

Noah’s daycare had a huge Easter egg hunt in the park across the street from the center.  It’s a good thing that they had a lot of space, because there was A TON of eggs! All the kids had bags that they decorated with Easter and spring stickers. Here are some photos from the “Eggstravaganza.” Don’t worry, we didn’t eat all the candy in one sitting…it took a few days. Ha.




The best part about Easter was that we got to spend it with family. Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Rod (“Gamma Debadee” and “Bapa,” as Noah calls them) flew out from South Dakota to visit us for a week. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas, so Noah was very excited to see them and show them his newest toys.



Our relatives Tom and Robin drove down from Maryland for Easter dinner on Sunday. They brought Noah an Easter basket filled with toys and candy. Thank you! We’re slowly eating away at the giant chocolate Easter bunny. And that dancing chick never gets old!


We had the usual Easter spread: ham, beans, potatoes, veggies and rolls. We had wine and ice cream too for extra pizzazz. We were so stuffed!


It was great visiting with Tom and Robin again and catching up on their adventures…and we were so excited to host another holiday at our house. We always love it when family comes to visit. (Hint, hint, hint to the rest of you! Ha.)

DSC_0442We were fortunate enough to receive tickets to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, so grandma and grandpa got to enjoy that with Noah. As you can tell from the photos, it was a great day to be outside.






20140421_161549Noah’s favorite part was seeing all the characters: Abby from Sesame Street, Mr. Potato Head, bunnies, a turtle and so many more. DSC_0466





Other activities included egg rolling (obviously!), music, yoga, egg dying and storytime. Around 35,000 people attended the Egg Roll over the course of the day. Yeah, the lines were looooooong! We had a great time though and snapped lots of fun pictures. It’s not every day that you can hang out with grandma and grandpa and the Sesame Street gang at the White House!

So yeah, we had a great Easter season this year, and we hope you did too. Stay tuned for another blog post on the rest of Noah’s adventures with grandma and grandpa this past week.

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One thought on “An Easter Eggstravaganza!

  1. Amber

    That picture with the green bunny! Hah! Easter sounds like it was a great time.

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