Airplanes, airplanes everywhere!

Today Noah and I decided to ditch our normal routine and visit the National Air & Space Museum instead (it’s one of Noah’s favorite places). We saw lots of planes, NASA equipment, space junk and so much more. If Ryan had been with us, he could elaborate more on what we saw (he’s the space and aviation junkie in the family). I’ll just show pictures. Check out what we saw!








We of course had to visit the gift shop before leaving. Noah got a single propeller airplane and a replica of Air Force One. The Air Force One plane has flashing lights and makes noise like it’s revving up to take off. Our fellow Metro riders on our way home may not have agreed on how cool this plane is, but trust us…it’s cool!



It was a beautiful morning, so we walked around the National Mall for awhile too.






Noah has been talking about airplanes a lot lately because we have two trips coming up. Yep, Noah is going to be a frequent flyer this summer! So visiting the National Air & Space Museum was the perfect outing to get us in the vacation spirit – not that we need any help with that. Up, up and away!

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One thought on “Airplanes, airplanes everywhere!

  1. Sandy Steen

    What a fun day for the two of you. You have access to many wonderful things in that area.

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