“Airplane up high! Reach it!”

This past weekend we finally made it to Gravelly Point to watch the airplanes take off and land at National Airport. Gravelly Point is a park at the north end of the runways. It’s a great place to sprawl out on a picnic blanket, have a snack, and watch the planes fly overhead. And because it’s right next to the Potomac River, there are great views all around.

We probably saw a dozen planes take off and land in the 45 or so minutes that we were there. We saw planes from Jet Blue, United, American and US Airways.

Whenever a plane would fly overhead, Noah would reach his arms up and say, “Reach it! Plane high in the sky!”

Here’s a short video of three of the planes that we saw taking off. They were so close!

And here are some photos that Ryan took. He recently got a 300mm lens (think paparazzi!), so he had a great opportunity to test it out.












Yep, visiting Gravelly Point will likely be a frequent outing this summer! Just think, if you come to visit us, we could watch YOU fly overhead. Hint, hint, hint!

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2 thoughts on ““Airplane up high! Reach it!”

  1. Sandy Steen

    What a fun day for the family.

  2. I have been wanting to go here for about two years now! Looks like such a fun time, I’m loving the pictures and video.

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