Grandparent-Palooza Part 1

Noah is very lucky to have been visited by both sets of grandparents in the last few months. And now that I’m all caught up with going through pictures (so many pictures!), I can finally write more about Noah’s adventures with his grandparents.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Rod (“Gamma Debadee” and “Bapa,” as Noah calls them) flew in from South Dakota to visit us the week of Easter. If you missed our earlier post on our Easter festivities (including the Easter Egg Roll at the White House!), you can read it here. But rest assured, the rest of the week was just as fun!

On their first full day here, we all went to Oxon Hill Farm by National Harbor in Maryland. Oxon Hill Farm is operated by the National Park Service and is one of our favorite local outings. As you can tell from the photos, the weather was beautiful that day!








We actually spent a lot of time outside that week. We took grandma and grandpa to some of our favorite local parks, and I think they had just as much fun playing on the jungle gyms as Noah did.








Noah even took grandpa for a bike ride!


But don’t worry, even when we were stuck indoors, Noah still had a blast playing cars and putting puzzles together with grandma and grandpa.





Noah went to daycare a few days that grandma and grandpa were here, just so that we could get some adult activities in too. And by adult activities, I really just mean outings that are more efficient without a kiddo!

One day my parents and I strolled through the shops in Old Town Alexandria, and we had lunch at Red Rocks, which is one of my favorite local pizza restaurants. Yummy! We had to ride the trolley to the other end of Old Town since we were too stuffed to walk.


Not surprising, even though Noah wasn’t with us, he was still the one to get the most goodies. There’s a really fun toy store in Old Town called Why Not that Noah and I used to go to after his weekly playgroup. But whenever we’d go there, we’d have to make a quick dash in to find one toy and then pay and get out before Noah had a chance to decide that he wanted EVERYTHING. I got further into the toy store than I ever have before, and grandma and grandpa found a few early birthday presents for Noah there too – double score!

Our afternoon in Old Town ended with cupcakes from Lavender Moon. Also yummy! (Yes, we saved a few for Noah.)


Grandpa, Ryan and I went for a bike ride on their last full day here. We rode to the waterfront in Old Town and back (around 13 miles round trip). It was a beautiful day for a bike ride…and a beautiful day for lounging on the couch afterward. Ha.




When we took grandma and grandpa to the airport, we went inside too so that Noah could watch the airplanes from the window. And ever since they left, whenever we talk about airplanes (which is often!), Noah always says “Debadee…Bapa…in airplane up high.” We’re flying to South Dakota later this month, so Noah will have his own turn on an airplane soon. Our upcoming trip will be Noah’s seventh round of flights to and from South Dakota. He’s quite the frequent flyer! We’ll see you soon Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Rod!

Stay tuned for our next post on Noah’s recent adventures with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don!

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One thought on “Grandparent-Palooza Part 1

  1. You have the best outings! It looks like such a fun visit from the grandparents!

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