Trip to Ohio Part 1: Exploring Grandma & Grandpa’s Neighborhood

Last week we traveled to Ohio to visit Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don for the July 4th weekend. Noah and I flew out early in the week, and Ryan drove in a few days later. Noah wanted to spend a few extra days with his “Gamma Dindy” and “Papa-a-Don.” Can you blame him? They’re pretty cool.

Our first full day in Ohio, Grandma and Grandpa took Noah to explore a few of their local parks and attractions. Our first stop was at the bird sanctuary at Lakeshore Park in Ashtabula. Noah got to see (and even feed!) the geese and swans. A peacock lives at the sanctuary too, but he didn’t want to come out of his shaded shelter. I can’t blame him – it was hot out! Hopefully we’ll get to see him next time. As for those other large birds…we stayed out of their way!











Our next stop was the Bascule Lift Bridge on Lake Erie. The bridge is lifted every half an hour so that boats can pass through. Noah loves boats, so he had a great time watching them line up and go under the bridge after it was lifted. Even without the boats, just watching the bridge go up and down was pretty darn cool






We had lunch at the Loading Dox restaurant across the street (yummy!), so Noah got to see the bridge go up and down a few more times before we left.

Our final stop that afternoon was at the playground at Lakeshore Park. Noah and Grandma had fun playing on the teeter-totter, swings and slides.






And here are a few short videos of Noah and Grandma playing at the park.

Yep, Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don definitely tuckered Noah out that day. He took a long nap that afternoon, and I do too – score! It was a busy day but an AWESOME day!

After Ryan drove in the next day, Grandma took us to the playground down the street at Malek Park. There are so many fun places to explore by Grandma and Grandpa’s house!





Stay tuned for another post on Noah’s recent adventures in Ohio. Need a teaser? There will be lots of cuteness in the next post – photos and videos of Noah playing with his cousins!

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One thought on “Trip to Ohio Part 1: Exploring Grandma & Grandpa’s Neighborhood

  1. Sandy Steen

    Noah has seen a great deal in his short life. How nice.

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