Goodbye for now, summer! It’s been fun.

The fall equinox is just around the corner (it’s this Monday), so summer is almost officially over. Wow, it flew by fast! We figured there’s no better way to say goodbye to summer than writing about all the fun we had beating the summer heat.

True, this summer was fairly mild compared to previous DC summers that we’ve experienced (and melted through!), but there were still plenty of hot, hot, hot days. But don’t worry, we found many great ways to stay cool while having fun in the sun.

One of our favorite summer spots is the spray park at our local rec center. The spray park has a harbor theme in honor of the Chesapeake Bay. The park has a spraying osprey (sea hawk) nest and spraying sea serpents and crabs – lots of sea creatures. There is a lighthouse, boat and bridge, all with bubblers galore. There is also a water maze, as well as water tables and misting sunflowers – plenty of opportunities to get wet!









As you can see in the photos, we all got soaked! But it was HOT that day, so that was A-OK.

We also spent a lot of time in the pool this summer. Our townhouse complex has a small pool, so we could get a lot of splash time in without much fuss – can’t beat that. The pool is just four feet deep, so it’s the perfect place for teaching Noah how to swim. He almost has it down!




Some of our friends joined us in the pool this summer too. Thanks Isabelle, Yvonne and Barbara!




Noah also got to splash around with his cousins Jewel and Jenson when we visited them in Ohio for the 4th of July and when we vacationed with them on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in August. Here are a few fun photos from those two trips.










Yeah, we had fun beating the summer heat. While we’re looking forward to fall, we know that many people are predicting another very cold winter…and so we’ll probably be hoping for those hot, hot, hot days again soon enough.


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye for now, summer! It’s been fun.

  1. Sandy Steen

    What fun times for you and your family (and ways to get cool). Thanks for sharing.

    I hope they are wrong when they are talking about another very cold winter.

    We are enjoying a few nice days here (some days are windy but that is OK). I am not looking forward to wearing coats again.

  2. Barbara

    Very cool, Jandas!

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