Another Happy Halloween

October was chock full of Halloween festivities. Check it out…

Picking pumpkins – Noah went to three pumpkin patches this year. We went to a local pumpkin patch in Alexandria early in October, and Grandma Cindy and our good friend Barbara helped Noah pick out some great looking pumpkins! A few weeks later, we met our friends Matt, Carolyn and Jerome for the fall festival at Cox Farms in Centreville, VA. And a week before Halloween, Noah went on a field trip to Burke Nursery with his Polar Bears class (Ryan joined the fun too as a chaperone). Yes, as you can imagine, we ended up with quite the collection of pumpkins!








Painting pumpkins – So what did we do with all of our pumpkins? We painted some of them! Why have all orange pumpkins when you can have blue ones too?




Carving pumpkin – We also carved a huge jack-o’-lantern for the front step. The pumpkin weighed 28 pounds before we started – it was huge! (Just as a fun comparison, Noah weighs 34 pounds.) Noah enjoyed watching Ryan hollow out the pumpkin (so much pumpkin goo!) and carve the funny face.








Preparing the costume – Noah was a blue dragon this year. He originally wanted to be Sully from the Monsters, Inc. movie, but we couldn’t find a Sully costume that fit just right. This dragon costume was Noah’s next favorite since it was blue too. We had to put some extra work into the costume though. Grandma Cindy and Papa-a-Don were in charge of the wings; they used a wire hanger and orange tape to get the wings to stay flat and out. And Barbara used fishing line to get the dragon’s face to stay up so it wouldn’t flop down in Noah’s eyes. Yep, Halloween prep was a family affair this year, but the costume looked great!




Halloween parade – Noah’s preschool had a parade the afternoon of Halloween. His classmates’ costumes included Spiderman, a dinosaur, a monkey, fire fighters, and many pretty princesses. All the kids paraded through the business area around the preschool and collected candy from the storeowners and people from the neighborhood. The parade was a great little event. The Polar Bears hit the jackpot!





Trick-or-treating – That night we went trick-or-treating at a nearby townhouse community…the same area we’ve gone to the last few years. Our good friend Barbara came along for the fun too! The nice thing about trick-or-treating in a townhouse community is that there are a lot of houses to visit without having to do too much walking. Score! Many of the homeowners went all out with the spooky decorations too. Noah had a great time! We’ll be nibbling on his huge stash of candy for days to come.



To wrap things up, here’s a flashback at Noah’s previous Halloween costumes. He was a dragon his first year too, a monkey his second year, and a tiger last year. Noah has grown quite the imagination, so we’re excited to see what he’ll want to be next year!




We had a fun Halloween season, and we hope you did too! Belated “Boo” to you!





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One thought on “Another Happy Halloween

  1. Sandy Steen

    Thanks for sharing. What nice pictures you have.

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