Feeling lucky!

Noah got into the holiday spirit today and wore his St. Patrick’s Day shirt to preschool.  Yeah, he was a happy little Irishman for the day!  We can’t guarantee that he evaded being pinched though – it is preschool after all – but hopefully the green shirt helped.  Ha.


Noah shared the leprechaun love too.  This past weekend we got messy making St. Patrick’s Day cards for Noah’s grandparents.  Yep, we used lots o’ green finger paint!  (By the way, we think he’s going to be left handed…more time will tell.)




Check out this cool leprechaun handprint…


Anyway, we just wanted to send a quick HELLO.  We hope you had a fun, lucky and pinch-free St. Patrick’s Day!



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One thought on “Feeling lucky!

  1. Sandy Steen

    Cute pictures and it looks like he had a ball.

    Being left handed would not be a surprise since several of your relatives are also. Were there others besides Don and Rondo?

    Both of my girls are left handed and yet none of Janet’s kids are. David Geyer is tho and so is Sam.

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