Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!

This past weekend we went to a Truck Touch event down the road in Alexandria.  This particular Truck Touch was a fundraiser for a local preschool.  To quickly summarize a Truck Touch, the sponsoring organization brings in a variety of vehicles (primarily BIG trucks) for kids to look at up close.  They can sit in the driver’s seat, honk the horn, flash the lights, turn on the sirens, and even walk on the larger trucks.

Noah got to explore a dump truck, flatbed tow truck, mini excavator, bucket boom truck and utility truck – so many trucks!











The driver of the utility truck let Noah try on his hardhat and gloves.  The gloves are designed to withstand 20,000 volts – wowers!


Noah also saw a really cool recycling truck.  This truck is manned by just one person who operates a mechanical arm that reaches out to pick up and lift the recycling bin and empty it into the truck.  The driver said that he can reach 700 households in one day…and the truck can hold it all!


Noah also got an up-close look at some emergency vehicles from Fairfax County.  Noah sat in and “steered” a police cruiser…and he got to turn on the lights and sirens – so cool!




Noah’s favorite truck to see was definitely the fire truck.  It was the big kid’s favorite too!  Ryan was a volunteer firefighter for a few years when he was younger, so he had fun explaining all the hoses, gauges, valves, etc. to Noah.







The Truck Touch was a great way to enjoy a beautiful day…and of course, support a great cause too.  Also, because the Truck Touch was at a school, Noah got to walk through the rows and rows of buses parked in the back – added bonus!


This was Noah’s third Truck Touch event – he loves them!  You can check out pictures from the Truck Touch in Cheverly, MD and Truck Touch in Takoma Park, MD that we went to last year…just click on the links!

We’re looking forward to taking Noah to more Truck Touch rallies later this year.  Stay tuned so you can “ride” too!


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One thought on “Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!

  1. Sandy Steen

    This big kid would have loved seeing all those trucks also. What an experience for you folks.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Isn’t Ryker cute!!!

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