Our Little Swimming Seahorse

From early March to mid April, Noah took swimming lessons at one of our local rec centers.  Noah has had a lot of pool time the past few years – we have a small community pool in our complex – but this was his first swim class…and he loved it!  Just look at this happy little fish and his cool blue goggles!


There were a dozen or so other kids in the “Seahorses” class.  Each child had to be with a parent, so I got to join in the fun too!  Ryan watched from the upper level of the complex, so he missed out…but he was able to snap a few photos of the action.

The kids played games in the shallow water in the pool’s ramp.  They sank and picked up rings, and they sat on the edge and kicked to “race” their rubber ducks.


The bulk of our time was spent in the swim lanes.  The kids practiced doggy paddling, floating on their backs, holding their breath under water, jumping in from the edge, climbing out using the ladder, and wearing a life jacket.  We also played games such as “tick tock cuckoo clock” (tossing the kids up and into the water) and “motorboat” (spinning the kids in circles while they doggy paddled).

Noah’s favorite class activity was swimming with the pool barbell – so much fun!  Noah wouldn’t let me help him.  He would always say, “Get behind me, Mommy.  I need to follow the other kids.”




Noah had a great time at swim class, and he learned a lot too.  He’ll be swimming on his own in no time!

And don’t worry, Ryan didn’t miss out on all the pool time fun.  Here are a few photos of Noah showing off his new skills to Ryan during a recent hotel stay in Pennsylvania.



And here is a short video too.

As a quick reminder: If you’re reading this post in an email, you may need to open the blog webpage in order to view the video. To do so, just click on the title of the post (the link in blue) at the top of the email to open the blog in your web browser.

Noah misses going to his swim class, so we took him to the rec center recently.  He loved swimming up and down the lane with his swim barbell.  He kept saying, “I can do it myself, Daddy” – and he sure did!




Lucky for us, the community pool in our complex opens over Memorial Day weekend, so we won’t have any trouble getting in more swim time.  Yep, you’ll know where to find us.  And after this crazy winter, BRING IT ON!

As a teaser for our next blog post, here is a poolside photo from our recent family trip to the most magical place in the world.  Can you guess where?  Stay tuned!


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