A Magical Trip to Disney World: Part 3

As you read in our previous blog posts, we had an AWESOME time at Disney World…and we haven’t even told you about the rest of it yet!

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On our last full day at Disney World, we took a ferryboat across Bay Lake for another day at Magic Kingdom. We spent the first half of the day revisiting Noah’s favorite spots from the previous day. Just like the previous day, our first stop was to see Mickey Mouse backstage at his magic show. This was Noah’s third time seeing Mickey—he loved that mouse!





Next we boarded the Walt Disney World Railroad for a ride to Fantasyland.


Once at Fantasyland, we headed straight to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to ride the roller coaster again. Yes, this was definitely Noah’s favorite ride from the previous day—he wouldn’t stop talking about it!



Did you notice who was riding in Ryan’s shirt pocket? Mickey!

And here’s a quick video of our ride.

And of course, we couldn’t leave Fantasyland without riding the Mad Tea Party teacups one last time! This video is a little longer (just over a minute), but it’s really fun. Can you find Noah and Ryan? Hint: They’re in a green teacup.

We took one last ride on the honey pots in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh too. Here’s a fun photo of Noah playing with the toy bees in the beehive while standing in line.


Next we headed to Tomorrowland where Noah and Ryan jumped in the race cars at the Tomorrowland Speedway. Noah loved zooming down the track. “Faster, Daddy!”


After all that excitement, we took a quick break and had lunch. The coolest thing about lunch—even cooler than Noah’s circle-shaped PB&J sandwich—was having a great view of Cinderella’s Castle. Not too shabby, huh?!?!


After lunch we headed to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin to take a ride through toyland in a space cruiser. As Junior Space Rangers, our mission was to use our cannon lasers to zap Zurg’s robots that were trying to destroy all the toys in toyland. Ryan zapped the most robots—he saved the day!


One of our favorite Tomorrowland rides was the Transit Authority People Mover. This was a relaxing and breezy mile-long ride through Tomorrowland.


Here are two short videos of our ride on the People Mover.  You get a good view of the racetrack that Noah and Ryan were on earlier.

Before leaving Tomorrowland, we stopped by Stitch’s Great Escape to check out what that mischievous alien Stitch was up to. He was up to no good—running through the crowd, spraying water on us, and even stinking up the whole room with his burp—phew! Even though Stitch was quite pesky, Noah still wanted to bring him home…so he picked out his favorite Stitch from the souvenir shop. Yeah, Stitch is cute in a strange sort of way. Ha.

StitchAfter we finished up with Tomorrowland, we boarded the railroad again and headed for Adventureland to check out Pirates of the Caribbean. We boarded a small boat and set sail through a series of pirate scenes, including a raid on an island town and boats firing cannons at each another. Stay clear of that Captain Jack Sparrow—he’s up to no good too!

Our next stop was Frontierland where we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This roller coaster was made to resemble the gold mines of Utah’s Mountain Valley. The mountain spanned 2.5 acres—it was huge! We sped through the curves and dips around Big Thunder Mountain’s peaks and caverns—so cool!

Don’t worry, while this roller coaster was fast and a little higher than the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it was definitely OK for Noah’s age. We never went upside down, and the dips weren’t that steep—whew!

Here is a short video from our ride. The angle isn’t that great, but it’s still fun. You can definitely tell that Noah loved it. In fact, he loved it so much that we had to ride a second time!

And here are a few photos of us outside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Noah was all smiles. The Liberty Belle Riverboat is behind us in the bottom photo.




After we finished up at Magic Kingdom, we boarded the boat back to our hotel. We spent the night lounging at the pool and relaxing in our hotel room. We could even see the Wishes fireworks display from our balcony—so cool!

After packing our bags and checking out of our hotel the next morning, we rode a bus to Downtown Disney where we ate lunch, did some last-minute shopping for souvenirs, and played at the Lego store.



When it was time to head home, we rode the Disney Magical Express bus back to the Orlando airport. We had one final adventure at the airport—the airport train! Check out this short video of Noah and Stitch riding the train…

Noah’s favorite things about Disney World were meeting Mickey Mouse and riding the roller coasters and monorail. We only saw a small portion of Disney World, but that’s A-OK—that just means that we’ll have to go back to see the rest!

Visiting Disney World was the perfect way to celebrate Noah’s 4th birthday! We had a blast!


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One thought on “A Magical Trip to Disney World: Part 3

  1. Sandy Steen

    Oh to be a kid again. He will remember all the wonderful things you do with him.

    It was a nice day for the all school reunion. Connie said she got to visit with many former students and that was the highlight for her.

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