Another fun Truck Touch in Takoma Park!

Last weekend we went to a Truck Touch event in Takoma Park, MD. This annual event is sponsored by the community group Takoma Plays and the city’s Recreation Department. Noah had a blast at this Truck Touch last year, so we of course had to go back this year!

The city provided a variety of public works vehicles (primarily BIG trucks) for kids to sit in and explore…and of course, HONK! Noah’s favorite truck to see and “steer” was definitely the street sweeper. He could drive from both sides!






The big kid’s favorite truck was the fire truck – shocker!




Noah also explored a dump truck, front-end loader, Bobcat skid loader and recycling truck – so many trucks!







Noah worked up quite an appetite from all that “driving,” so we had to snag a slice of pizza before we left…


What a great way to enjoy a beautiful day! This was Noah’s fifth Truck Touch event – he loves them! Who knew that parked vehicles could be so cool? Ha.

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One thought on “Another fun Truck Touch in Takoma Park!

  1. Sandy Steen

    What a great day for Noah and you folks also. I bet the ones that are there with the trucks get a blast watching the kids also.

    Are you having unsettling weather? It sounds like the east coast is getting bad weather.

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