Fall field trip to Burke Nursery

Last week Noah went on his fifth preschool field trip – these kids are busy! This time the Fishies and Froggies classes went to Burke Nursery & Garden Centre about 20 miles west of Alexandria. Ryan tagged along too as a chaperone.

The kids had a blast at the “pumpkin playground.” Noah and his buddy Damian went for a few spins on the merry-go-round, and they took turns driving the sports car, three wheeler and fire truck – so much to do!










Noah’s favorite activity was zooming down the haystack slide…



IMG_0043Before getting back on the school bus, all the kids got to pick a pumpkin from the huge pumpkin patch – score!

This was Noah’s last field trip to Burke Nursery with his preschool. Yep, kindergarten is just around the corner! We’ll have to plan a family trip there next fall instead.

Stay tuned to read more about all of Noah’s fun fall festivities. Burke Nursery is actually the second pumpkin patch that Noah has been to this month. Yes, we have quite the collection of pumpkins on our front step!

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One thought on “Fall field trip to Burke Nursery

  1. Sandy Steen

    He really does get to see a great deal. Lots of fun.

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