Riding the rails with Grandma and Grandpa

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don drove to DC from Ohio to spend the week with us. (Yeah, we’re a little behind on blog posts!) Noah’s favorite part of their trip was taking them on the Amtrak train – very cool!

They boarded the train at the Amtrak station in Alexandria. The best part about this small Amtrak station (compared to Union Station) is that you can stand railside and watch the other trains go by while you’re waiting. Noah loved telling Grandpa all about the trains that passed by.







By the way, the cute conductor’s hat was a gift from Grandma. Thanks Grandma Cindy!

Once their train arrived, they rode 45 miles south to Fredericksburg, VA. Their train (the “Carolinian”) was traveling from New York City to Raleigh, NC. All aboard!





Here’s a “ train selfie” that Grandma snapped on the ride…


Ryan and I drove down to meet them, and they beat us – by a lot. Pesky DC traffic! When we finally met up in Fredericksburg, we had lunch at the Bavarian Chef restaurant at the train station. We had some great authentic German food – yummy!






We’ll all have to take the train next time…not only to avoid the DC traffic, but so the big kids can enjoy a good German beer too. Ha.

Stay tuned to read more about Noah’s recent adventures with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don – there’s much more to share!

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One thought on “Riding the rails with Grandma and Grandpa

  1. Sandy Steen

    This was so fun to watch. The conductor cap had to hit the spot plus all the other fun things. It is so nice both sets of grandparents can come and visit occasionally. Are Ryan’s folks retired?

    Merry Christmas to all of you.

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