Snow day!

Last Monday Noah’s kindergarten teacher told the class that you need to follow these steps to guarantee a snow day: 1) flush three ice cubes down the toilet, 2) put a spoon under your pillow, and 3) wear your pajamas inside out. (She was having fun since the snow was inevitable.) Anyway, Noah followed all three steps and it worked! We didn’t get a lot of snow – just around two inches – but it was enough for a snow day on Tuesday. This was his first snow day this winter – he was so excited!

We started our snow day with French toast. Mmmmm……

Then the boys headed outside. After the shoveling was done, they had fun making snowballs.

And then they made an AWESOME snowman! They used a carrot for the nose and poker chips for the eyes.

They worked up quite an appetite from playing outside. Fortunately, we had a big pot of homemade beef stew ready for lunch – the perfect meal for a snow day!

Tuesday was probably (hopefully!) our only snow day this winter, so we made sure that it was fun. And yes, the snowman is still standing strong!

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