Another Eggcellent Easter

Noah had another fun Easter season! The weekend before Easter, we visited our good friends Bekka and Joe for an Easter egg hunt with their family and friends. They organized the egg hunt along the walking trail near their house.


Yeah, the kids hit the Easter jackpot – their buckets were full! Their loot included candy (of course!), stickers, Play-Doh, whistles, bouncy balls, stampers, spinning tops and more – score!

This Easter was extra special because Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don came to visit! They drove to DC from Ohio to hang out with Noah the week before Easter while his school was out for spring break.

One afternoon they made colorful Easter sugar cookies. Grandma let Noah pick out the cookie cutters, so there were Easter ice cream cones, gingerbread men, stars, hearts, trains, cars, airplanes, flowers, feet, crowns, etc. Ha! So many cookies!

Another afternoon we dyed Easter eggs. We used two methods: rubbing some eggs with crystal dyes and dunking some in dyed solution. Noah had a lot of fun!

Look at this colorful Easter basket!

On Easter Sunday, our good friends Yvonne and Adam and their kids and our good friend Barbara came over for dinner. The kids had fun playing while we finished cooking and got the table together.

We had an Easter feast: ham, homemade mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, French onion potatoes, veggies and nut roll. And for dessert, we had cupcakes, cookies and jellybeans. Mmmm…. We were stuffed!

Yeah, this photo pretty much sums up the post-lunch activities. Ha!

The Easter fun didn’t end there. Earlier that day, the Easter Bunny brought Noah a Lego airplane and a few Hot Wheels cars. So after all of our guests went home, Grandpa, Ryan and Noah put the airplane together – Noah couldn’t wait!

Yep, we had a very fun Easter! Stay tuned to read more about Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don’s visit – there’s much more to share!

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One thought on “Another Eggcellent Easter

  1. Sandy Steen

    What fun for all.

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