Another fun visit to the trolley museum

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited the National Capital Trolley Museum in nearby Colesville, MD. The museum has an awesome collection of American and international streetcars, many of which are more than 100 years old. Yeah, as you can imagine, this is one of Noah’s favorite places to visit!

The coolest thing about the museum is riding the electric streetcars on the museum’s one-mile rail line – and this visit, we got to ride three streetcars!

Our first ride was on this streetcar from Toronto that was built in 1951. We rode this streetcar on previous visits too – it’s very cool!

We got to ride the “boat” trolley car for the first time too. This trolley is from Blackpool, England and was built in 1934. The trolley has an open top and a center entrance. Because it is a double-ended car, it doesn’t require a loop at the end of the tracks in order to turn around – it can be driven in both directions. And that’s why it has headlights and taillights on both ends. Noah loved it!

Our last ride was on a streetcar from Brussels, Belgium. It was built in 1907. This was our first time riding this trolley too – it was a bumpy ride!

We passed another trolley while riding the Brussels trolley too. This yellow trolley is from the Netherlands, and we’ve ridden it a few times on previous visits.

Yeah, it was definitely a beautiful day for riding trolleys. We had fun inside the museum though too. Noah always enjoys “steering” the model streetcar along the tracks and turning on the signal lights.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that Noah loves all things transportation, especially trolleys – so I’m sure we’ll visit again soon!

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