Two very fun father and son days!

Noah had a very fun holiday break. (He was out of school for about two weeks!) He spent the first two days of break hanging out with Ryan while I finished up the workweek.

That Thursday they hopped on the bus to our metro station, and then they rode the metro to DC.

The main reason for their trip to DC was to check out some of the holiday model train displays. Their first stop was Union Station. They saw this cool Norwegian-themed display – check it out!

And here’s the Christmas tree decorated with Norwegian flags…

Ryan took a few pictures as they left Union Station too.

Next they walked across the National Mall to the U.S. Botanic Garden. Along the way they stopped by the Capitol to check out the National Christmas Tree. Yeah, it was definitely a nice afternoon to be outside!

At the U.S. Botanic Garden, they saw the annual garden railway. This year’s train display was themed Roadside Attractions and featured national landmarks constructed from plant materials. They saw the Corn Palace and Mount Rushmore from South Dakota, Longaberger Baskets from Ohio, Niagara Falls and the Coney Island Hot Dog Stand in New York, the Capitol building in DC, Santa Monica Pier in California, the Leaning Tower of Niles in Illinois, and much more. Pretty cool!

And here’s a short video too. Just a quick reminder: If you’re reading this post in an email, you may need to open the blog webpage in order to view the video. To do so, just click on the title of the post (the link in blue) at the top of the email to open the blog in your web browser.

Yep, Noah had an awesome first day of winter break, and Friday was just as much fun too! They started the day by having breakfast at Nectar Bistro here in Alexandria. Noah loved the waffles!

Ryan left the rest of the day up to Noah. Can you guess what they did? They rode buses! Ha. They hopped on a Fairfax Connector bus and rode to the Franconia-Springfield metro station.

From there they hopped on the local Springfield bus that goes to the shopping mall.

Noah was able to sneak in a few rides while they were at the mall…

Then they jumped on the bus heading back to the Franconia-Springfield station, and they rode the metro home from there.

Whew, they covered many modes of transportation that day! Noah was one happy kid. And the winter break fun didn’t end there because Christmas was just a few days later. Stay tuned to read more. (Yeah, we’re slowly catching up!)

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