Another fun father and son day

Last Friday was Noah’s first day of spring break. Ryan took the day off from work to have a “Daddy-Noah Day.” Ryan let Noah choose what to do. Can you guess what they did? They rode buses, metros, and trains! Ha.

They took the bus to our metro station, and then they rode the metro to Union Station in DC.

From there they rode the MARC train to Baltimore for the day. The MARC is the commuter rail line in Maryland. Noah hadn’t ridden a MARC train before, so he was really excited. It’s not much different than Amtrak or the commuter train in Virginia, but it was something new nonetheless.

The ride to Baltimore took about an hour. Noah enjoyed watching the speedometer on Ryan’s phone along the way. The train got over 90 miles per hour.

Here are a few pictures of Noah outside of Baltimore’s Penn Station.

They had lunch at a nearby restaurant and walked around awhile, and then they headed back to Penn Station for their train home. The return trip was especially fun because they got to ride on a double-decker MARC train—very cool! (The train that morning was just a single-level train.)

When they got back to Union Station in DC, they hopped on the metro and headed home. Whew, they covered many modes of transportation that day! Noah was one happy kid.

Yeah, it was a very quick trip to Baltimore, but the outing was more about the train ride than the destination—though Baltimore is a lot of fun. And the spring break fun didn’t end there, because Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Don arrived the next day. Stay tuned to read more!

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