Fun father and son outings: weather, planes & science!

April and May were full of fun outings for Noah and Ryan. In late April, Ryan took Noah to a special “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” event at his FEMA office in Washington, DC. The theme this year was “Service Force: Agents of Positive Change.”

Here is Noah checking out a MERS truck, which provides emergency communications and support to disaster areas.

They had a flood demonstration to show what property owners and communities can do to reduce flood risk.

And they showed equipment used by Urban Search and Rescue teams. This is a thermal imaging camera—very cool!

They also discussed earthquake safety tips, canine search teams, and the importance of having a family plan for emergencies.

Around 200 kids attended this fun FEMA event. Yeah, “Take Your Child to Work Day” is pretty cool when your office has trucks and rescue equipment!

And the day’s fun didn’t end there. After they finished at FEMA, they walked a few blocks to the National Air & Space Museum, and they saw lots of planes and NASA equipment.

Noah got to “fly” this Cessna 150—he loves this plane!

They checked out a few space exhibits too, and Noah stepped on a scale to find out how much he would weigh on different planets. He would weigh 133 pounds on Jupiter. Who knew?

For another hands-on exhibit, Noah built towers to see if they would withstand high winds. They fell down, so we’ll have to go back and try again. Ha.

Noah also tried a few plane simulators…

Later that month they went to the Aviation Museum in College Park. Noah played a few flight simulators there too.

And there was a really cool hands-on demonstrator of what it takes to fly a human-powered quadrotor helicopter. The helicopter simulated here is called Gamera and was designed by students of the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering. Pedal faster, Noah!

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you know that Noah loves all the air and space museums in the DC area. They’re always a sure bet for a fun outing!

Then in early May, Noah and Ryan attended the “Science Unrestricted” event that the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) hosted for local students. The event was held at the Mark Center here in Alexandria, and participants got to ride the school bus there.

Noah’s favorite thing at the science fair was seeing the robot built by students at TC Williams High School—awesome!

And here is Noah standing by a model rocket. Also very cool!

The event also had numerous hands-on activities, including making paper airplanes. Check it out!

Noah got a goody bag with fun science activities to do at home too. One of the activities was growing a mystical tree made from crystals. We did this the next day…

Noah has really enjoyed learning about science lately, so this was a great event! We look forward to attending again next year.

Stay tuned to read more about our recent adventures. The last few months have been busy!

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One thought on “Fun father and son outings: weather, planes & science!

  1. Sandra Steen

    How neat to see so many things plus have a day with dad at work.

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